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Your Story Series: Meet Allan

Solbari blog: Your Story Series: Meet Allan

What is your name?

Hi, my name is Allan Pennicook.

How did you discover your skin cancer?

Having nearly died of a heart attack in 2006 I learnt the hard way that a proper diet is essential to a healthy heart. Regrettably, I didn't apply the same philosophy to my skin health until I had numerous B Cell cancers removed in 2008, the result of 60 years of poor sun protection. Though I still have to have removed the odd B Cell cancer (the result of a mispent youth), fortunately no melanoma's. 

What lifestyle changes have you made since?

As a keen tennis player, golfer and kayaker I now make sure I give myself the best chance of avoiding further cancers by religiously following the golden rule of 'Slip Slop Slap'.

    Thanks Allan, for sharing your story with us and our Solbari Community.
    The Solbari Team

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